Saturday, June 9, 2012

Week Three Round Up

As of yesterday, we used all of:
swiss chard

We still have:
12 eggs
less than 1/2 of the snow peas
just 2 stems of kale
all of the parsley
2 radishes
all of the dill
5 carrots
all of the red lettuce

I had to throw away the dill it wasn't keeping well and I hate dill. Every time I walked into the kitchen, I would smell it and it was yucky. I meant to chop some parsley at every meal or pluck a few sprigs to put on the plate. But alas I didn't. So that went into the trash too.

Because of the HUGE amount of kale (we have gotten kale every week) I made kale three times this week. We made kale chips. I made kale and feta paninis with our omelets. And Spinach & Kale Turnovers. 

Lessons learned:
Even if the lettuce looks clean and is wet it is still gritty. Always wash the lettuce and buy a lettuce spinner.
The Dragonfly Vinegar is really strong. Use a light hand.
We have to eat more eggs.

Grade: B

I know what you are all can you made a B with all the unused ingredients listed above???

I got extra credit this week

1. I made Blueberry Almond Scones with the leftover blueberries (store bought), almonds and sour cream. 
2. I made chicken salad with leftover chicken salad (with leftover grapes and the rest of the sour cream)
3. Mid week meal add on. I added the Paninis to the menu mid week. And I didn't have to buy any new ingredients.
4. There was only 2 kale leafs left over this week. That is a big deal!

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