Friday, June 1, 2012

End of Week Two Round Up

As of this evening, we used all of the:
bread (just three slices left)

We still have: 
Lettuce (even through I gave half to my mom)
All of the scallions
half of the kale
11 eggs
half of the parsley
one tomato
all of the watercress (we had to throw it away)

I am going to make kale chips with the kale. And I guess I am going to have salad for lunch tomorrow and sunday to use up the lettuce, scallions, and eggs. And as a snack I will have the tomato as a true southerner does. Sliced with salt and pepper.

Lessons Learned:
Putting the bread in the fridge and freezer keeps it fresh (thanks Claire)
Only use my tried and true and loved pie crust recipe
Use the asparagus and watercress as soon as possible (they don't store well)
Put parsley on everything as a garnish

Grade: C+  

I think I need to try harder. I need to pick recipes which use more of the ingredients. I also need to substitute more.

I'm a lil nervous for next week.

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