Thursday, June 28, 2012

Week Five Roundup

This week's mission to use everything in the fridge. Okay that was a little overachieverish, but I really wanted to make a huge effort to use everything. So here is what happened...

What I used this week:
the loaf of wheat sourdough bread
all of the spinach (Spinach Grilled Cheese and Pesto)
3/4 Collard Greens (collard green risotto)
all of the tomatoes (soup)
all of the escarole (soup 1/2 for dinner and I froze 1/2)
all of the snow peas (Lemon-Butter Snow Peas)
2 pints of strawberries (eat and chocolate strawberries)
all of the yellow onions
2 shallots (salsa)
all of the elephant garlic
8 radishes (sweet potato and radish salad)
a few of the scallions
the rest of the kale (kale tacos)
the rest of the carrots (soup)
all of the sausage (soup)

What I have leftover:
1/3 collard greens
1 shallot
almost all of the eggs
a little of the romaine (which I will throw away)

Grade: B-

I know it looks like I did really well this week. But I have almost 3 dozen eggs!! That is a lot of eggs.

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