Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The True Death for True Blood?

I admit it I am a True Blood addict. It all started several years ago when I got Season One on DVD. I asked Dave if he would like to watch it with me and it was all over for us.

When Dave moved into his new house, the FOIS guy gave him free HBO for three months. After the three months, Dave decided to keep the subscription (that is how they get you). So now we can watch True Blood on TV rather than on DVD.

Season five started on June 10th. And as true and loyal fans, Dave and I turned in at 9:00 sharp. Then at 9:59 I thought to myself, “Eh, I’m not impressed.”. The next day I told myself, “Self, you have enough summer shows on your plate. You should give the true death to True Blood and call it a day”.

But then on June 17th at 9:00 sharp my butt was seated on the couch next to Bella and Dave waiting for True Blood to start.

What happened? I told myself not to watch and that if I was not interested in the plots and general story lines I should just stop. But I didn’t and I don’t believe I can. Why?

It is called cult TV. Yup, True Blood is a cult TV show and I am but a minion in its world. Doomed to follow it wherever it takes me.

The premiere was watched by 5.2 million viewers and last sunday's episode got 4.4. million viewers. That is down slightly from last year but pretty darn good for a premium channel.

So the True Death for True Blood...not likely. It will live on just like a vampire (for now).

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