Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Poor Neglected Blog

I have completely neglected of this blog. (The Puppy Files too, but not as much).

I some of you may know, Dave and I have a puppy at home. So with a full time career, my 10 year old Australian Shepherd-Draco, housework, a new puppy with a blog...this Food and TV blog was pushed to the side.

I still want to post please be patient. I think once I find a schedule that will work for all the things listed above I will be able to post more often.

So while I have not have the time or inclination to post, I have been thinking, watching TV and cooking.

Dave said to me the other day that I rarely make the same meal twice. And because of that he has a hard time remembering what I made and if he liked it. This reminded me of when we were house shopping for Dave. He had the same type of problem. Too many houses and couldn't remember if he liked them. So we developed a simple rating system we shared with his Realtor, Corey, and this helped not only Dave but Corey know what houses to show us.

So I am going to develop a Rating System for my food. Not only for Dave to remember but I thought I could share it here. Since you can't eat the food I make through this blog the Rating System may give you a better idea of what the food was like.

Our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) starts this week....more to come on that.

If you know me, you know that all the things in my busy life cannot keep me from TV. I will make time and give up other things if I have to. Let me share a few things with you...

·  Within the next couple of days (hopefully) I will post how my shows did (if they got picked up or not)
·  My complete scorecard for the 2011-2012 Season coming soon!
Here a few of the things I have made recently:

·  Spinach and Egg Pie
·  Veggie Burgers
·  Refried Rice (one the few repeats)
·  Pizza (another one of the few repeats)
·  Polenta Lasagna
·  Garlic and Chickpea Pasta with Lemon and Garlic Broccoli
That completes this post. Hopefully things will settle down soon....

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