Sunday, January 22, 2012

LOST...I Mean Alcatraz

As I watched, something pulled at my mind…in the back. I didn’t notice it at first but as the show went on it was getting stronger. And it was…LOST.

Yup that’s right the late show, LOST.

I was watching the new show Alcatraz. (FOX, Mondays at 8:00pm). It started off good and I was totally enthralled with the emerging plot but LOST was sneaking in to my consciousness.

Okay, both are about an island. And both have Jorge Garica as a main character. Both have J. J. Abrams as executive producer. Both have missing characters. And both make you ask questions to yourself the entire time it is on the air.

But there are differences too. Alcatraz doesn’t have any polar bears, no airplanes, no sexy doctors, and the island is not in the middle of the Pacific, it’s in the bay of San Francisco.

So why was I thinking about LOST…it was nothing of above similarities. It was the music. Yes, the music. It had to be almost the same score as LOST.

The LOST music aside, how was the show?

It was good. Really good. I was upset when it was over, I would have sat there and watched it another two hours.

So Bottom Line: This could be the next LOST but its on FOX. And FOX needs to give it room to grow. And my opinion is FOX won’t keep Fringe, Alcatraz and Terra Nova. One or two will have to go.

But which one?

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