Sunday, January 22, 2012


Last Sunday when Dave and I were trying to decide what would be my dish of the week, we decided we needed something that was perfect for a cold winter night.

We decided on Chili.

And I had the perfect recipe I wanted to try. Katie Lee Joel’s Comfort Table is one of my favorite and most used cookbooks. And you can tell by its broken spine and falling out pages. And the Chili recipe I have wanted to make for years.

It called for ground pork, ground sirloin (which I couldn’t find) beans, cinnamon, and chipotles in adobo sauce. After some Dave research on the Internet we decided this was a St. Louis style recipe.

I am not sure if anyone cares to hear a written blow by blow (let me know if you do). So I will just do a pic blow by blow this time.

Bottom Line: I think I will make a few changes to the recipe (pepper choices, bean types) but I think this will be my go to Chili Recipe.


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