Thursday, February 9, 2012


You might have heard of the sweeping sensation of a “musicedy” aka musical comedy. Also commonly known as Glee. Who would have thought a musical TV show would be a hit. Well, not that is matters, but I did.

And now we have a new musical TV show. It is not a comedy but a drama. A “dramical” or a “musicrama”? Which new term sounds better?

But on to the main event….


This new dramical debuted on Monday at 10:00pm on NBC. It is about a Tony winning writer team (Debra Mesing and  Christian Borle). And they are writing a new musical about the one the only Marilyn Monroe. I personal think Deb does a great job, I didn’t even think about her as Grace from Will & Grace. Christian has some really great lines in the show. Together they have amazing chemistry on camera and a little banter thrown in. (You know how I love me some banter)

The musicrama also follows two up and coming Broadway stars trying out for the role of Marilyn. Katherine MePhee plays a very “light” singer from Iowa. Ivy Lynn plays a veteran singer who is currently in a smash hit on Broadway but wants a starring role.

Bottom Line: It was really really good. Nice story line. Dream like music sequences. Well written. Good chemistry.

Now it worries me sometimes when shows are really good right out of the gate. It means they have to get even better or they fall. A drama full of interesting characters with huge growth potential + fun and interesting storyline + music=a new successful TV show formula.

I think this new formula for a show might is a “smash”ing hit!

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