Saturday, February 18, 2012


I have been neglecting this blog. As some of you know I have another blog about Bella, our new puppy. And I am afraid I have given Bella's blog more of my attention than this one.

This blog is my New Year's resolution, and I am not willing to get up on it.

I think I need to adjust some of my conditions on the blog. I enjoy writing about the tv shows more than the food.

So I will continue to write about tv every week. But I think I will change the food portion of the blog. Instead of making a special meal every week and writing about it, I will write about a meal I made during the week. Special or not. I may write about how I reheated a frozen pizza. Because realistically I don't make a lot of fancy food. But  then again I don't make a lot of frozen pizza either.

I am going to post tomorrow about a few dishes I made during the last couple weeks.  At the time didn't think were "special" enough but now I think I want to share my experiences about them.

New Year's resolutions are hard to keep up throughout the year and sometimes they just need to be adjusted. Hopefully this will work out better.

Plus since I am the judge and jury I reserve the right to make more changes for the good of the resolution and me, of course.

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