Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Amazing Race # 20

Amazing Race has won twelve Emmys and is considered to be tv’s most elite reality competition show. It is now in its 20th race and it is still going strong. (Over 10 million viewers, #1 for its premiere night)
Sunday February 19 was the 20th race season premiere, and I had about 17 hours of back log on my DVR. So I was not going to watch it. Then I got tv watcher’s remorse and hurried home from dinner at Bertucci’s (which Dave, Bella and I drive past on our way to Puppy training, and I always say “I want to go there for dinner.”) to make it in time.
During the first few minutes of the show the race’s pairs were introduced. They described their relationship to each other and told us what they do for a living. The introductions are important because they help pave my impressions so I can pick my favorites. And I was shocked and excited to see two of my all time favorite Big Brother contestants were on this race. Rachel and Brendon!
This is how I started watching Amazing Race. During the winter of 2010, Amazing Race 16 had Jeff and Jordon as America’s favorite Big Brother couple. My trusty TV informant, Gerry (miss you Gerry), informed me of J&J joining the race. And they were eliminated 5th, but I continued to watch. And at the end of the race I understood why Amazing Race won 12 Emmys. It is riveting and damn entertaining to watch.
Gerry and I no longer work together (so sad) so he and I don’t chat much about tv, which is why I was surprised by Rachel and Brendon’s appearance. I didn’t have my trusty informant alerting me of important tv intel. I think this race will be different than race 16, I am confident Brendon and Rachel will have a good showing. They are smart, athletic, extremely competitive and they might just win!
Go Brendon and Rachel….and thank you Gerry for all your tv intel!

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