Thursday, July 5, 2012

Two Best New Shows on Summer TV

I always look forward to Summer’s TV lineup. Summer TV use to be for reruns and TV movies but a few years ago the broadcast channels (the cable channels soon followed), learned they could get good ratings during the summer too. The first summer TV show I watched and then loved was The O.C. Yup, The O.C. first aired on FOX in the summer. After being a smash hit, FOX moved it to the regular season. Many summer shows have come, won audiences and moved to the regular season or were cancelled. Today, there are shows which only air during the summer. One of those shows is Rookie Blue, which I am totally in love with. I look forward to the summer so I can catch up on the drama filled lives of the Toronto rookies.

After May’s Upfronts, networks start their summer seasons. And there are always I few shows I am excited about. This year they were: True Blood, The Glades, the final season of The Closer and Rookie Blue. But something unexpected happened. There were two late minute additions to my lineup…and they are awesome.

First is Longmire on A&E Sundays at 10:00pm.

I knew this show was premiering this summer. I had read the one paragraph write-up and seen the promos and I was not interested. Honestly it looked lame and I was tired of seeing the promos. Then when Dave and I went to the movie theater to see The Avengers, there was an in dept preview for Longmire, I ignored it at first and then…..I saw Katee Sackhoff, who I love from Battlestar Galactica.

Let me stop the story here. There are many reasons why I decide to watch one show over another. But there are two sure fire ways that will make me watch:

1. The show is produced by someone I like
3. An actor/actress I like is on the show
As soon as I saw that Katee was a regular on Longmire, I was interested. And I am so glad I watched it. It is soooo good and really hard to explain why. For me I love a show with a non-typical setting. I have seen enough shows based in NY, and LA or CA. I like it when the setting is somewhere I have never seen before. And Longmire’s setting is in Absaroka County, Wyoming. And character development. When you watch a show because you love the characters and you want to watch them live their lives (think soap operas) you are hooked. And Longmire had me hooked on Sheriff Walt Longmire’s character development from the first episode. You have to check it out.

Second is Bunheads on ABC Family Mondays at 9:00pm

This one I didn’t know about until a week before it aired. But the second I heard the show is produced by one of my absolute favorite producers, Amy Sherman-Palladino, I was in. In case you are not familiar with her work. She was the executive producer of Gilmore Girls. GG is one of my all-time favorite shows. Amy Sherman-Palladino trademark is the fast witted banter scripts, which the lead in Bunheads delivers with truth and pizzazz. For me Bunheads fills the void left in my heart when GG retired.

So two shows won my heart and my faithful viewership this summer. Longmire was renewed for a second season. I am still waiting for season two news for Bunheads.

Short Synopsizes

Recently widowed Sheriff Walt Longmire enforces the law for Absaroka County, Wyoming. Being a sheriff in Wyoming is a lot different than your regular metropolis. In Wyoming everything is bigger and not just the wide open spaces. The series follows the Sheriff and local deputies as they encounter drug busts, the murders, mob hit man, child abductions, animal attacks and of course politics.

Michelle Simms is a trained ballerina working as a showgirl in Las Vegas. As she realizes her career as a professional dancer is ending, marries her long time admirer Hubbell Flowers (with the help of a little too much alcohol). The show follows Michelle as she adjusts to Hubbell’s small home town, Paradise. And where she renews her passion for dancing with the family’s dancing school.

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